Tel: 01254 697393
Masjid-e-Irfan, 49 Eldon Road, Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 8BE

Current Services Provided

  • Religious & Social Welfare
  • Qur’an & Islamic Education
  • Cultural Welfare
  • Open Learning
  • Youth Cultural Activities
  • Networking & Public Relations
  • Student Support Service

Unfortunately, the Masjid can accommodate only 120 people for the 5 times daily prayers and no more than 100 children for the daily Islamic education. There are over 450 families immediately connected to Masjid-e-Irfan, and therefore can no longer continue in the current premises and are in desperate need to expand the Masjid to increase the number of classrooms (from the current 7) and facilities which can be offered.

New Proposed Services

  • Prayer Halls
  • Reference Library
  • Education & Training rooms
  • Computers & IT suite
  • Arabic & Qur’anic suite
  • Reception & admin offices
  • Youth careers club
  • Open learning resources centre
  • Ablution facilities
  • Women’s education & welfare support

Facilities have been designed with inclusivity and accessibility firmly in mind, including an exclusive ladies meeting space for prayers, education and welfare support.

The masjid will also be equipped to provide funeral facilities such as preparation and cleaning facilities for the deceased, as well as a private space for bereaved families.