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Welcome to Masjid-e-Irfan, Blackburn

Masjid-e-Irfan is a religious establishment in the North West of England, increasing understanding about Islam and its message of peace for all people.

The 21st century brings with it new and unprecedented challenges for the global Muslim community. At a time when misunderstanding and fear of Islam is endemic within Western societies, it is more important than ever that we reclaim and bring back our beautiful faith and share widely as possible and guidance contained in its teachings.

The masjids are well placed to act as conduits through which Muslims can play an integral role in the advancement of community life, yet most are woefully inadequate in realising the full potential and calling of the Masjid, especially in these troubled times.

Masjid-e-Irfan intends to put the Masjid firmly back where it belongs – at the heart of the community. It is a vital project which aims to build bridges and advance the cause of Islam and humanity in general.

‘O my Lord! Advance me in Knowledge’

[surah Ta-Ha; 20:114]


New Masjid Project

We would like to present you with our noble appeal and our new Masjid project and plans. Insha’Allah this will hopefully suffice the need of our local community and future generations to come. The total cost of this project will be in the region of 1.6 to 2 million sterling pounds. We have hope and kindly request you to extend your kind and generous hand towards this noble project.



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